Impact House is a 501(c)3 organization and pre-accelerator with a mission to connect, support, and grow entrepreneurs dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges through access to education, community, capital, and mentorship.

The Impact Fellowship

Our flagship 12-wk program focuses on championing inclusive entrepreneurship, diversity in the tech startup ecosystem, and inclusive participation in the civic process.

Bridging culturally relevant learning experiences with innovative approaches to problem-solving, we seek to generate scalable tech-based solutions to the societies most pressing challenges.

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IMPACT is a 501(c)3 business incubator and social venture accelerator designed to support entrepreneurs dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing challenges through access to community, education, and mentorship.

“We envision a community where equity is intentional and opportunities are vibrant. We believe in leveraging the power of business and scalability of technology to be a force for good in today's social and economic landscapes. We value the idea that our communities already have the resources within them to make the change we wish to see happen, through this mission and vision we believe Impact House can truly be a place "Where Change Goes To Work."

Benjamin J. VannFounder

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