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What We Do

We take a ecosystem approach to fixing the broken tech pipeline and closing the racial wealth gap by removing barriers for underrepresented communities through ecosystem building, inclusive entrepreneurship, tech career pathways, and impact investing.

The Dallas Urban Tech Movement (DUTM), as a part of our inclusive communities initiative, is a  dual-city partnership with Austin Urban Tech Movement (AUTM) collaborating to drive dialogue, awareness, and action around diversity and inclusion in the greater tech ecosystem across North and Central Texas.

Our primary activities include:

  • Culturally Curated Events
  • Workshop and Skill Trainings
  • Access to membership perks and exclusive mentorship opportunities
  • Design Challenges and Corporate Hackathons
  • Start-up Education Resources for Underrepresented Women and Founders of Color
  • Private Investor Meetings
  • Access to Impact House Accelerators
  • Career Placement and Navigation Opportunities
  • Exclusive SXSW Events for Members
  • More…
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Impact House

We Help Underrepresented Tech Founders Launch, Scale, & Sustain Their Companies.

Impact House

We Build Stronger & More Diverse Tech Career Pipelines.

Impact House

We Make Venture Capital More Inclusive and Diverse.